It's that time of year again – let's celebrate the makers and growers of Australia! This is the time to show our appreciation for those who are contributing to the vibrancy of our culture and economy by producing some of the world’s finest products. Whenever you make an Australian purchase, you’re doing your part to create jobs and promote economic activity.

At Melco Fabrics, we proudly stand with the Australian Made Campaign (AMCL) in celebrating Australian Made Week. We believe in supporting local manufacturing to build a more sustainable and resilient textile industry while also reducing our environmental impact. We’re passionate about providing high-quality, ethical, and sustainable fabrics that were made right here in Australia – so when you shop with us, you can feel confident knowing that you are supporting Australia’s local textiles industry. Here’s why:

Australian Made Week: A Time to Support Local

This Australian Made Week, Melco Fabrics is proud to be part of a movement encouraging Australians to shop locally and support our makers, farmers and producers. By purchasing Australian-made products, like our certified Australian milled fabrics, you’re not only enjoying quality items made to some of the highest standards in the world, but also helping create jobs and economic activity in Australia.

The national supply chain for fabric products can sometimes be complicated and opaque – but with Melco Fabrics, you’re taking away all the guesswork. We certify our fabrics with the Australian Made Campaign, so you know when you’re shopping with us that you’re supporting local businesses and contributing to Australia’s growth.

So this Australian Made Week, help us celebrate by supporting local makers and growers all around the country – when you purchase Melco Fabrics certified Australian milled fabrics you can feel confident that you're backing genuine Aussie quality.

Melco Fabrics: Proudly Certified Australian Made

At Melco Fabrics, we are proud to be certified with the Australian Made Campaign, a symbol of trust and quality. By carrying this iconic logo on our products, you not only promote job opportunities in Australia, but you also benefit from the high-quality standards that come with buying locally.

Our products are made from fabrics milled here in Australia, designed to the highest quality and made with some of the world’s most advanced technologies. Each piece of fabric is tested and inspected to ensure it meets our strict standards. Our fabrics are designed to last – perfect for making garments and other goodies that will stand the test of time.


Promoting Sustainable and Ethical Textile Manufacturing

When you buy from Melco Fabrics, you can trust that our fabrics are sourced, designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of sustainability and ethical practices. We work with a fabric mill who share our commitment to reducing our environmental impact. Further, we make sure that all of our workers are paid a fair living wage and we have just completed our Ethical Clothing Australia certification

We have implemented a strict auditing process from start to finish to ensure that all of our manufacturing processes not only comply with local government regulations but also adhere to the highest standards for worker well-being, environmental protection and resource conservation. We use eco-friendly dyes, chemicals, and waste reduction methods wherever possible.

Why Choose Australian Made Products?

Australian Made products are held to some of the highest standards in the world. The Australian Made Campaign provides consumers with a guarantee that they are buying genuine Aussie products which meet robust safety and quality requirements, as well as ethical production practices. In addition, it's worth noting that Australian Made also means fewer carbon miles – reducing the environmental impacts of shipping from other parts of the world.

So why not join in on this special week by supporting local makers and choosing to buy Melco Fabrics? When you buy Australian-made products, you are supporting the environment, creating economic activity and jobs for all Australians - and you're also investing in high-quality textiles made ethically with fair wages for workers.

How Buying Australian Made Supports Our Economy

When you shop Melco Fabrics, you’re not just buying a product—you’re also supporting the Australian economy. Buying locally-made products supports our economy and creates jobs, drives economic activity, and aids in the development of our local industry. It also reduces emissions from transportation and promotes sustainable production practices.

Buying from Melco Fabrics is about much more than just getting your hands on stylish and quality fabrics. It's about investing in your community, supporting local businesses, and making sure that your money goes back into the economy in an ethical way.

When you buy from Melco Fabrics, you are:

  • Supporting local manufacturing by keeping jobs in Australia
  • Investing in sustainable production processes that promote responsibility and worker well-being
  • Helping to reduce waste, minimize water usage, and use eco-friendly dyes and chemicals where possible
  • Ensuring that our fabrics are produced ethically with fair wages for all involved in the process.

Shop Local This Australian Made Week With Melco Fabrics

This Australian Made Week, why not support the local makers and growers by shopping with Melco Fabrics? When you shop with us, you're supporting an ethical supply chain that puts the environment and its people first. 

We believe in sustainability every step of the way. That’s why we’ve moved all of our production to Australia—so we can control our environmental impact and make sure that workers are paid a fair living wage. All of our knit fabrics are milled in Australia, and we always strive to use eco-friendly dyes and chemicals wherever possible. Plus, our entire manufacturing process is audited by Ethical Clothing Australia, so you can be sure that it meets their ethical standards top to bottom.

So why wait? This Australian Made Week, show your support for local makers by shopping for your fabric needs at Melco Fabrics!

Celebrate Australian Made Week by supporting local makers and growers with Melco Fabrics. Our certified Australian milled fabrics are available in a range of bases and patterns. When you shop with Melco, you're not only supporting small business – you're helping to build a more sustainable and resilient textile industry and reducing our environmental impact. So if you're looking for a way to show your support this Australian Made Week, remember to choose Melco Fabrics!

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