Have you ever googled "How often should you change the needle on your sewing machine?" - well here is the answer! Rule of thumb is you should change the needle every 8 hours of sewing. 

Now I am sure you are wondering, "is that REALLY necessary?" Well, yes! Changing the needle every 8 hours or so really does make a big difference. A blunt needle will cause skip stitches, seam puckering, damaged fabric, popping or loud clunky sewing and thread breakages... doesn't sound like a load of fun now does it! 

Save yourself a load of heartache and tears by changing the needle regularly. Below is a picture of basic needle anatomy (Schmetz Needles). By understanding the anatomy of a needle you are able to select the right sewing needle for your projects, which in turn will provide a superior sewing experience. 


Another thing that is really important to consider is the type of sewing needle you are using. Schmetz is my 'go to' for sewing and overlocker needles, not only are they known internationally as 'the best' but the quality is second to none. Schmetz also use a colour code system so it is easily identified the needle type and size.  

Schmetz needle package

Needle Type: Schmetz needles come in a range of different types, from Universal, Stretch, Microtex and Jeans - there is a huge long list. It is important to choose the correct type needle to suit your project, so if you are sewing a stretch fabric, choose an appropriate needle type such as stretch, super stretch, universal or jersey. 

Needle Size: Keep in mind when choosing needles that each pack will either have the European or American sizing on it - or both! The smaller size is the American sizing, and the European is the larger number. See the photo above, that says Needle Size 75/11. If both sizes are listed it will be separated with a "/" . The lower the numbers, the smaller the blade of the needle. For a super fine fabric, like silk, a fine needle is required (Size 60 or 65). Most sewing projects (with a medium weight fabric) a size 75 to 90 will be great. It is only when you are moving into heavy fabrics, like canvas or leather, that a bigger needle blade is required, such at 100. 

I find it really helpful the colour coding system. I have a few needles in my sewing kit that came with my machines long ago. They have no colour coding on them so it makes it really difficult to identify if they are suitable for my sewing project. 

As they say, your sewing machine is only as good as the needles in it! 

Are you still wanting more info? Well good news, you can download the official Schmetz ABC Needle guide here. It is honestly the encyclopedia of needle knowledge! 

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