Featured Artist - Aleksandra Anna Bleibohm

My name is Aleksandra Bleibohm and I live with my husband and my kids in Germany. I have a passion for earthy, natural and minimalistic shapes and colors. I design prints, seamless patterns, logos and more but my biggest passion is designing fabrics for kids fashion and nursery accessories. 

Art, colors and color palettes have been a big passion of mine for many years. In 2018 I started printing my drawings on fabric and opened a small handmade online store. Due to huge demand, I gradually started creating seamless patterns for other small businesses as well. I realized that this is what I wanted to do in the future. So I gave up my store and today I work freelance as an illustrator and fabric designer. Also, I'm now studying graphic design in the 2nd year to deepen my knowledge. 

I get my inspiration from our garden and from my two girls, who show me their colorful world full of childlike imagination every day.


Aleksandra Anna Bleibohm fabric prints Australia