Featured Artist - Eva Catharina Deweerdt

Hi, I was born and raised in West Flanders (Belgium), in a creative & artistic family. Observing my mother’s sewing and watching my father’s brushstrokes , I picked up their art & makers skills to compose my own professional life. I dreamt of spending my professional career by making beautiful things for others. But after graduating as an Arts teacher and later on as a graphic designer, I noticed that these 2 weren't enough to live up to my dream.

“ Prints and patterns are like food for the soul. They inspire , they transmit a certain energy and feeling, they can make you instantly happy ”

So I plunged into the world of textile print design and took as many online classes I could. Currently I live and design soulful prints in my beloved Bruges. As a mother of 3 girls, my style is inspired by a feminine world in which soft floral boho motifs are playing the leading role. If I could create my ideal lifestyle, it would be completely filled with textiles, wallpaper and clothes printed with designs that create a mixed hygge and bohemian atmosphere.


Eva Catharina Designs