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Fabric organisation

StashTracker: Your personal assistant for remembering every fabric purchase detail!

Are you overwhelmed by an ever-growing fabric collection, not remembering where a fabric was purchased or the project it was intended for? Tired of spending extra money on duplicate purchases or struggling to plan your sewing projects effectively? It's time for a revolution with the StashTracker from Melco Fabrics!

We're eager to share our secret for keeping track of fabric purchases and project ideas, turning a potentially overwhelming collection into an organized and efficient crafting experience. By using our StashTracker, they have transformed their chaotic fabric stashes into a neatly catalogued and accessible system. And we are ready to help you achieve the same.

 With the StashTracker, you can break free from the cycle of disorganisation and waste. You'll always know what you have on hand and the projects planned for each fabric, saving you money and time.

Become the sewist who says, "I have the perfect fabric for this" without a second thought. Click the button below to embark on your journey to organization bliss with StashTracker!

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Discover the power of planning with the StashTracker

"Discover the power of planning with the StashTracker! Ever experienced the frustration of finding a beautiful fabric in your collection, only to have forgotten what you initially intended to create with it? With the StashTracker, such days are long gone.

This tool helps you document every fabric purchase and the project ideas you have in mind for them. No more confusion, no more double purchases, no more wasted fabrics. Your fabric's journey, from the store to your sewing machine, and finally into a beautiful creation, will be well-documented and easily accessible.

The StashTracker is not just a tool; it's a revolution in your crafting journey, putting you in control of your creative ideas. Imagine the satisfaction of always knowing exactly why that beautiful polka dot print was purchased or how much of the soft jersey knit you have left.

The StashTracker will be your personal assistant, helping you efficiently plan and execute your sewing projects. No more forgotten fabrics, no more wasted potential. So, are you ready to transform your fabric hoarding tendencies into a masterfully curated collection? It's time to embrace the future of crafting with the StashTracker. Your fabric, your story, flawlessly organised."


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Regrettably, 80% of fabric enthusiasts end up with disorganised stashes, leading to wasted resources and forgotten projects.

It's not their fault; they simply haven't discovered the right tools to track their fabric purchases and planned creations. However, it doesn't have to be this way for you. We can show you precisely what we did to organise our fabric collections and manage our sewing projects, leading to significant savings and an efficient crafting process. And we've seen equally impressive results from our clients using the same strategies.

Reserve your StashTracker today to see how you can achieve similar benefits and become more organised than you ever thought possible. Join the Melco Fabrics community and let's transform your fabric stash into an organised, efficient, and cost-effective collection. Claim Your FREE StashTracker to Discover the Step-By-Step Blueprint To Easily Catalogue Your Fabrics, Plan Your Projects, and Save Money