In the tapestry of business, few moments shine brighter than receiving acknowledgment from those you serve. For us at Melco Fabrics, this moment has arrived in a blaze of glory. We are beyond thrilled to share with our cherished community that we have been recognized as the Category Winner for Arts, Crafts, and Antiques at the prestigious Central Coast Business Awards 2023.

Held on the 4th of October at the opulent Mingara Recreation Club, the Awards night was a true spectacle of entrepreneurship, innovation, and resilience that defines the Central Coast business community. Amongst a constellation of commendable enterprises, Melco Fabrics emerged as a beacon of excellence in our category.

The Journey to the Top

The Central Coast Business Awards is distinct in its approach. Businesses don't just win; they are chosen by the very community they serve. Finalists are selected based on nominations from the public, allowing customers to spotlight the businesses that have touched their lives profoundly.

To emerge as a winner in such a democratic and community-driven process is a testament to the bonds we've forged, the trust we've garnered, and the consistent quality we've delivered over the years.


Central Coast Local Business Awards Fabric Australia

A Heartfelt Thanks

We, Mel and the dedicated team at Melco Fabrics, would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our wonderful community. To be nominated, let alone win, is an honor of the highest order, and it speaks volumes about the mutual respect and love we share with our patrons.

Every fabric we craft, every design we envision, and every interaction we have is imbued with our passion for the art and our commitment to serving you. This accolade is as much yours as it is ours, for without your support and faith in us, this moment would remain a distant dream.

Melco Fabrics Local Business Awards Winner


Looking Ahead with Pride and Promise

As we bask in the warmth of this achievement, our journey doesn't stop here. This award serves as both a culmination of our past efforts and a beacon guiding our future endeavors. With renewed vigor and a pledge to uphold the standards that brought us here, we look forward to weaving even more success stories with you.

Thank you to the sewing community, for recognizing and celebrating our passion. We promise to continue being a fabric of your lives, always aiming for unparalleled quality, innovation, and service.


Mel & The Melco Fabrics Team
Melanie Coultas