Spring, with its promise of renewal and growth, beckons us into a vibrant dance of colours this year. The quiet, minimalist palettes that once dominated are taking a backseat, making way for a burst of vitality. The canvas of spring 2023 fashion is as vast and varied as the hues of a rainbow, providing endless inspiration for enthusiastic sewers keen on creating their custom wardrobes.


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Dopamine Dressing: A Radiant Movement

The philosophy behind dopamine dressing goes beyond merely donning clothes; it's a reflection of our intrinsic need to feel joyous and spirited. As external environments shift and change, there's a rising pull towards garments that act as personal mood boosters, encouraging us to seek happiness in the intricacies of fabric, texture, and colour.

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Blue: From Azure Skies to Ocean Depths

Blue emerges as the undisputed leader this spring. Cobalt, with its richness reminiscent of clear skies and deep oceans, proves to be a versatile companion. It seamlessly integrates into various styles, from casual brunch outfits to evening galas. For sewers, working with this hue provides ample opportunity to play with contrasts and complement other bright shades in their ensembles.

 Pink: A Symphony of Emotions

From the delicate blush of dawn to the dramatic shades of sunset, pink showcases its vast spectrum this season. Its adaptability means that whether you're sewing a breezy beach dress or an elegant blazer, pink finds its place. Each shade tells a story, allowing one to dabble in various emotional undertones - from soft romance to bold confidence.


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Image from: The Spring 2023 Color Trends Are Joyful & Mood-Boosting | Marie Claire

 Black's Dynamic Renaissance

In the explosion of colours, black retains its classic allure. Yet, spring 2023 encourages a different take on this eternal shade. Black isn't just sophisticated; it becomes a canvas, waiting for innovative patterns, embellishments, or cuts that add a splash of modern dynamism. It's the shade that proves, yet again, that sometimes less is indeed more – especially when tailored with ingenuity.

Pastels: Whispers of Serenity

Against the backdrop of high-octane brights, pastels bring in a gentle touch. Lavender, particularly, whispers a tale of elegance and calm, making it the go-to for those who desire a touch of tranquility in their wardrobe. Mellow yellow, reminiscent of the soft glow of spring mornings, offers another avenue for sewers to capture the essence of the season's gentler side.

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 Ruby Red: Passion Personified

If there's one colour that encapsulates passion, it's ruby red. The resurgence of this shade is an invitation to embrace one's inner boldness. Garments stitched in this hue are not just pieces of clothing; they're statements of audacity and vivacity.

Crafting a Spring Palette: Your Canvas Awaits

For those who weave dreams with threads and needles, spring 2023 is a treasure trove of inspiration. Embrace the colours, mix and match, experiment with textures, and most importantly, let your creations echo your unique voice. Let this season be a testament to the power of colour in shaping our moods, narratives, and expressions.


Melanie Coultas