Hi fellow Sewists! So today I {Mel} thought we would take a moment to talk about sewing needles and why they matter. Are they really a big deal you ask? Why do I care? What kind of sewing machine needles do I need? Well if you have ever experienced skipped stitches, or holes in your fabric, or simply want to up your sewing game, I suggest you read on.
So often I hear of people buying a sewing machine, getting some fabric and thread and jumping in head first, and then those sewing machine needles just stay on the machine without much thought in the future. Yep we have all done it {guilty as charged}. But it really does pay to know a little about different sewing machine needle types, what they are used for, and which fabrics they best suit. Using the correct sewing needles will help you sew fabrics with ease, and produce a long lasting quality garment. 
I think of sewing as similar to cooking. Ingredients really do matter; the quality of fabric, its composition, and the needles and thread used. If I am meant to be whisking the egg whites with an electric mixer, well, a wooden spoon really won't produce the same results now will it? Well same goes for needles. 
Keep in mind when choosing needles that each pack will either have the European or American sizing on it - or both! The smaller size is the American sizing, and the European is the larger number. If both sizes are listed it will be separated with a "/" . 
Melco Fabrics stocks medium weight fabrics with four way stretch. For this reason I suggest a ball point needle "B" or stretch "ST" size 80/12 or 90/14 for best results. 
So if you have been sewing with that same needle on your machine for a while, regardless of the fabric type; I have created the chart below with some quick references. I hope you find helpful, I suggest taking a screenshot and save in your phone so you have a quick sewing machine needles reference. 
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 Sewing needle types explained

Melanie Coultas