Hi fellow Sewists! Today, I {Mel} thought I would talk to you about PDF sewing patterns, why I love them and why you will too. 'PDF' sewing patterns are electronic patterns you can download from the internet. Some are free, others you have to pay for. However, they are relatively cheap and the designs available are endless!

The majority of patterns have a file you can print on your home computer, to which you can then tape the pieces together to form your pattern. If this sounds like too much effort or you don't want to waste your time taping sheets of paper together - fret not! There is also an "AO" file that can be printed in huge pattern sheets (841mm x 1189mm)

I like to get the AO files printed at Officeworks, just in cheap black and white. It only costs $4.25 per page, and each pattern (for kids) is generally around two pages, and adult pattern are generally three. Here is the link to Officeworks web page about AO printing. Its really easy to just upload the AO file, and then do click and collect in store. 

I suggest getting "all sizes" of the pattern printed. I call this my "master plan" and then I will use cheap interfacing to trace the sizes off I am after. I then store the interfacing patterns in labelled zip-lock bags. There may be a better way to do it, but I find this is works best for me. If you have other ideas I would love to know! Feel free to share your ideas on the Melco Fabrics Facebook page.  

PDF patterns are honestly the bomb diggity. I love that I can access designer patterns from all over the world with the click of a button. The patterns are so well written with step by step photos included. It's honestly a life changing moment using PDF patterns if you have been going totally old school like my Mum. Speaking of which I am yet to convert her to PDF patterns, I think she enjoys the outing to the [big chain] fabric stores and browsing through their 90's style pattern books. But hey, what ever works for you is fine. If you did want to give PDF sewing patterns a go I have put a few links below of cool (and free) patterns to get you started.  ** Warning** collecting patterns is as addictive as collecting fabrics! 

Peace, love and happy sewing to all. 

Love Mel Xx


Lowland Kids Hoodie

Kids Ribbed Leggings

Kids Baggy V-Neck Tee

Women's Baggy V-Neck Tee

Kids Grow With Me Pajama Pattern 

Curved Hem Pocket Tank Pattern 


Thankyou so much for this story. I have often wondered how they work. I am old school probably because I am not good with IT. I am mostly a patchworket and haven’t seen knits for many years. Working up to it though. Congratulations on your company and love so much that it is Australian.

— Maria Billiet