[Guest blog post by Lexie from the brunchie_girls]

Waffling on is something I do best but when it comes to waffle fabric, well don’t get me started… or do because there is a lot to love. But where do I begin. Let’s start with what does waffle fabric look like or how to identify waffle knit. It’s a very distinct looking fabric, and it simply gets its name because it looks much like the signature tasty crisscrossed patterned breakfast treat waffles. Ok it’s not necessarily tasty looking in this context but, it always makes me want to go and heat up my waffle iron. So we know its waffle fabric from the texture but what is the appeal of this you ask, well for me it’s a few things.  

Waffle fabric has beautiful stretch perfect for sooooooo many garments. Cotton waffles are stunningly breathable but then you add spandex and boom, you have a super stretchy breathable fabric ready to be turned into pyjamas, cardigans, baby rompers, toddler downer covers the list goes on.

When I came across Melco Fabrics the first thing that drew me in were the colours of waffle fabric they have! At first I was going to revert back to my comfort zone of pink, but something inside of me kept going back to the lavender waffle fabric. I knew I had some fabric I’d been planning to make a dress with, and it was a very similar colour and I thought the waffle would add some texture to the outfit made up as a cardigan. This is where mum brain appeared though, and I somehow bought a whole 1 metre less than I actually needed…. Still don’t know how I did that but oh well. I still managed to make it work thanks to the pattern company, giving you options such as using a centre back seam which I was so relieved about.

Any who, so back to when I was buying the fabric. Right down to the minute I was hitting checkout, I still hadn’t convinced myself to get the lavender waffle fabric, but obviously I did. And boy am I glad I did. The colour is spot on to the website, so I was so extremely pleased with that, and then once I washed it I was even more impressed as it got even softer again (no fabric softener was used). Honestly couldn’t have asked for more! 

Sewing up waffle fabric was an absolute breeze as well. And the best part is I have some plans for the very few scraps I have left!

Melanie Coultas