Can you wear French terry fabric in the summer? This is a question I get asked a lot. The answer is yes! A medium-weight, cotton, French terry is perfect for all-year-round sewing. 

When purchasing french terry, always check the fabric composition. French terry can be manufactured with natural or synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres , such as polyester, can become hot and sweaty in warmer months. Therefore, I suggest steering clear of a French terry that contains polyester.

Cotton is durable, breathable, and made from natural fibres (that being a cotton plant). Natural fibres are the preferred fabric by many to wear in summer, as they allow the body to stay cooler in hot weather. This is especially important for babies and children as their bodies do not regulate temperatures as well. 

Melco French Terry is manufactured with a 92% Cotton and 8% Spandex blend. The spandex, and the weaving process of the Melco French terry, facilitates a lovely four-way stretch on the fabric. Four-way stretch fabric stretches in both directions, vertical and horizontal, making a comfortable fabric for garments. For more information on how to calculate a fabrics stretch percentage read this blog. 

Another thing to consider when purchasing fabric is its weight. This is often referred to as gsm. Gsm stands for "Grams per Square Metre" and is the metric measurement for fabric. The Melco French terry is medium weight, which means it is perfect for all seasons. Read the Melco gsm guide for more information on fabric weights and seasons. 

So what can you make with French terry in summer? Well, one of my favorite things to make with French terry in warmer months are shorts, overalls, and loose t-shirt dresses. Children's shorts are fantastic in French terry as they are soft, stretchy, and wash and wear well.

Well now that you have learned a thing or two about French terry, take a look at the Melco range. 

Pictured below is a lovely summer French terry romper set that was sewn by a talented Melco customer, Chloe. Thanks for sharing Chloe! 

Can you wear french terry in summer


Thank you Lovely.
Your blogs are wonderfully written , to the point and lighthearted.
A breath of normalcy in this messed up world.
I am going to try some leggings in your FT based on this.

— Noeleen Trueman