Are you ever asked: “why bother making clothes, you can just get them so easily and cheap at the shops?”

Reflecting on the world’s “fast fashion” issue, I say, make clothes of quality and from the heart. Create beautiful things that you give to those you love with a blessing. That you are creating a unique gift, that you are moving away from the fast fashion industry and into an artisans space, where a slowly crafted item is of value, of quality and lasts the distance. We also need to cherish our planet and reduce the obscene amount of textile items that just get so easily thrown into landfill, that is the cheap part.

Hand-made textile items are more likely to be cherished by the owner, to be handed down to the next baby or child in line. These precious textile items are linked with love, patience and a sense of care and value. We can show how much we love by the time we take to prepare items, the thought and skills that
goes into selecting colours and designs, choosing quality fabrics and threads and making an original item, an emotional attachment.

There is no bother in choosing colours and fabrics and patterns, waiting for the fabric to arrive, the sewing machine to be fired up, the lovely whirring sound of the machine melodically working with our hands. In these times of unpredictability and covid lockdowns, I say, stay calm and sew.

From the desk of textiles obsessions,
……clearing the space to find the surface… Donna G Jones 

Pictured is a blast from the past - Melanie & her twin brother in their handmade outfits... so trendy!

[Guest Blog Post, from textiles teacher - and Melanie's Mother]

Melanie Coultas


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