You may have noted on the Melco website we list a 2*2 rib knit fabric. This means that two stitches were knitted and then two stitches were purled to achieve ribs that are the same width as the “valleys” between the ribs.

Rib knit fabrics are reversible with distinct vertical ribs on both sides, produced by alternating knit and purl stitches.

Rib knits can come in a range of sizes, the first number just refers to the number of rows knitted and the second number refers to the number of rows purled. For example, a 1*1 pattern, meaning one stitch is knitted and then one is purled, this will result in a tighter rib knit. You may also see a 3*2, a 3*3, or even a 4*1 rib knit. 

 The 2*2 rib knit fabric on the Melco website is a really light, soft fabric. It is similar to the fabric you would see in retail stores used for baby items such as the body of a romper or leggings. It can also be used for the binding on garments around the neckline or sleeves, remember, the fabric will be doubled over when using it for binding so it will be thicker and provide more stability. 

Rib knit fabric is really versatile and a perfect fabric to have on hand in your stash. 

Check out the 2*2 rib knits here.