It's the ugly truth that isn't spoken about enough... Did you know that the textiles industry is the second-largest polluter of water worldwide? Worldwide, 2.2 billion people still lack access to safe drinking water..... crazy isn't it!
The more I researched, the more I knew I wanted to be able to offer the Australian textiles industry and a better alternative.
So, even as a small business (and very new) we made the switch! We work closely alongside our Australian textile mill & printers to ensure our practices are kind to humans and the environment ❤
👉 We do this by having a strict water management plan in place to ensure no water waste runs off into waterways. This is achieved by recycling water used in the dyeing process. The water is stored in large tanks onsite and then reused in non-sensitive dyeing processes. In circumstances where wastewater cannot be recycled, it is treated at the onsite effluent plant so that it can safely re-enter the environment.
👉 The mill is ECO Biz accredited and works closely alongside CCIQ to reduce overall waste and energy usage. In 2021, energy usage was reduced by 28.9% and water usage was reduced by 17% (compared to the previous year).
👉 Our printing process offers eco-friendly inks, lower impact production, zero wastewater, and diminished batch pollutants.
👉  All of our pre-order fabrics are Australian milled AND printed. 
👉  We no longer import ANY fabrics. When a fabric sells out it will be replaced with an Australian milled version. 
👉  When you shop with Melco you are supporting a supply chain of Australian small businesses <3 From the Australian grown cotton, to milling, to printing, every step of the process is done by Aussie small business'. 
👉 We also feature artworks from Australian artists which are available to print on our fabric bases. 
I encourage you to ask more questions about where your fabric comes from! My inbox is always open if you want to know more about our processes. Even as a small business, or a personal sewer, we can all still make a difference ❤
Melanie Coultas