Company Statement - Ethics and Sustainability

As of 1st July 2022, Melco Fabrics will no longer be importing any fabrics from overseas. We are working towards replacing our current solid collection with Australian milled versions. We aim to have the transition of moving to 100% Australian made fabrics completed by January 2023. 

This decision has been made so we can work closely with the production teams in Australia and ensure fabrics are manufactured in a way that considers environmentally sustainable practices, as well as ensuring workers are treated and paid a fair living wage. 

Melco Fabrics is proud to be moving towards 100% Australian made fabrics and supporting the Australian textiles industry with ethical fabric choices. 

Textile Waste

We aim to reduce textile waste in our everyday business practices. Fabric that has flaws, when possible is sold in 'seconds sales' , this provides a great opportunity for customers to try Melco Fabrics at a discounted rate, but also reduces fabric going into landfill. When fabric is not able to be sold in a seconds sale it is used as 'fabric ties' in the warehouse or cut into pieces for samples. 

Our digitally printed fabrics

In August 2022, Melco Fabrics is launching pattern/print fabrics and will be featuring Australian and international artists. This fabric will be 100% Australian milled and printed. 

At Melco we utilize world class technology to deliver the latest in digitally printed fabrics. Our printing process offers eco-friendly inks, lower impact production, zero wastewater and diminished batch pollutants. 

Our pattern/print fabrics are offered on a 'pre-order' basis to reduce over production and textiles waste.